Sandra Hosking, MFA

Playwright, journalist, teacher


Ten- to Fifteen-Minute Plays

Aftershocks - 2f, 1m - comedy - A man is caught between two women during an earthquake.

Bird and the Bear, The - 2f - drama - A woman relaxing on her porch is disturbed by the neighbor.

Blanket Primary - 2f, 1m - absurd drama - A woman is buried under a pile of blankets.

Can of Worms - 1f, 1m - drama - A couple reunites at a bar after a long separation.

Cave, The - 2f, 1m - drama - A man hurts is ankle while hiking and takes shelter in a cave with a mysterious creature.

Clip, The - 1f, 1m - comedy- A video left in a camcorder makes a couple question their relationship.

Date, The - 1f, 1m - romantic comedy - A man takes his date to the lion cage at the zoo.

DNR - 2f, 1m - drama - A couple tries to decide if their relationship is worth it.

Drenched - 1f, 1m (flexible) - absurd drama - Two people are caught in the rain. 

Dressing in the Dark - 3f - drama with humor - Two women try on clothes at a department store when the power goes out. 

The Eight Rasas of Indian Cooking - 1f, 2m - absurd comedy - A couple questions their relationship, and flavors.

The Fast Track - 1f, 3m (gender flexible) - comedy - A group of people waits in line for death.

Hit & Run - 3f - comedy - A woman runs into her ex-husband's mistress at the grocery store. 

Homecoming - 2f, 2m - drama - A woman returns home after being in the hospital and confronts her abusive husband.

The Insured - 1f, 2m (gender flexible) - comedy - A couple tries desperately to buy health insurance.

Jacob's Shoe - 3f, 1m - drama - A woman must sort shoes in a Nazi labor camp.

Ladies' Night Out - 3f - comedy - Three older women go out for a night on the town. 

The Levy - 1f, 1m - dark comedy - Steve Austin discovers he must pay an unexpected and unsettling tax. 

Me Island - 1f - drama - A woman stranded on an island misses her companion. 

Ocean for the Trees - 2f (gender flexible) - absurd drama - Two people on different paths collide.

Pink Slipped - 1f, 2m - comedy - Vikings must downsize in the face of an economic downturn.

Prerogative - 1f, 1m (gender flexible) - absurd drama - A couple stands at a crossroads considering which way to go.

The Skeptic - 1f, 1m (gender flexible) - dark comedy - An atheist knocks on the door of a devout believer.

Tea & Socrates - 1f, 1m (gender flexible) - absurd - Lee and Beatrice debate philosophy and paradoxes over tea.

Trademark - 2f, 1m - comedy - Bob is sued by a corporation for the rights to his name.

Wake-Up Call - 2f - drama - A woman tries to help her friend out of a bad situation, but is it too late?

What's Mine is Mine - 1f, 1m - drama - A couple divides their belongings as they break up. 


One-act Plays

Bemused - 1f, 2m - comedy - A writer is helped by a not-so-helpful muse.

Con-Science - 1f, 2m - comedy - An abrasive angel and sexy demon vie for the soul of a man with a drinking problem.

Detention - 1f, 1m - drama - A teacher is shaken by a rebellious student.

Fortune's Fool - 1f, 1m - romantic comedy - A man's assumptions are corrected when he visits a palm reader.

Foxgloves - 2f - drama - Sibling love and rivalry rule two sisters in a greenhouse. 

The Glabrous Four - 1f, 3m (gender flexible) - absurd comedy - Beliefs are question in a society in which hair is outlawed.

The Naming of Things - 2f, 1m - comedy - A pregnant woman faces her fears by renaming objects.

Romeo & Juliet: Part II - 1f, 2m - comedy - If Romeo and Juliet had lived, would they have stayed together?

Scribbledoodle - 1f, 2m - absurd comedy - What happens when drawings come to life?

The Dragon, A Fable - 2f, 1m - drama - A trio of strange creatures seek enlightenment from a book and each other.

Twilight Nutcracker - 3f, 1m - drama - Two old friends say goodbye.

Variations on a Thursday at 9 a.m. - 2f, 1m - drama - Three cancer patients bond during chemo treatments.


Full-Length Plays

Churn- 3f, 1m - drama - A teenage girl tries to navigate high school amidst bullying and poetry.

Creeps - 3f, 2m - romantic comedy - A woman tries to find love in the midst of evolution. 

Detours - 3f, 3m - comedy - A businesswoman's attempt to keep her job launches her on a Wizard of Oz-style journey.

Hickory Dickory - 2f, 2m - drama - A grieving father builds a time machine and moves through the past and future to find his son.

Videos: Hickory Dickory Part 1Hickory Dickory Part 2Hickory Dickory Part 3 

Jigsaw - 2f, 2m - drama - A nurse tries too hard to protect her handicapped sister.

Ordinary Time - 3f, 2m - drama - A traumatic event sends a young woman through time, and Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. 

See the Moon - 4f, 2m - drama - A woman confronts her fears as a vampire and the moon haunt her.

Three Shades - 2f, 2m - drama - A young woman is stuck in a mansion with its eccentric owner who dresses like a nun and her son, who speaks in color.

To Shore - 3f, 2m, flexible - absurd - A pair of office workers and warmongers pursue a white rabbit as the world floods with the blood of humanity.

The Wild Man - 3+f, 3+m - drama - In the 1930s Dustbowl in America, a farmer turns to ancient rituals to bring rain as his wife tries to turn a profit and the town minister stirs up judgment.